MaVesta in Shanghai !

Last Sunday Mavesta took part in a designers’ market organised in one of the restaurants in the French Concession in Shanghai.



On a typical day El Patio is a mod/traditional Spanish restaurant in a beautiful mansion, but last Sunday it’s second floor was transformed into a market where independent designers could show their work and network with new customers and each other.

平日里El Patio时一个传统的西班牙餐馆,但上周日,它的二楼便摇身一变,成了一个集市,许多独立设计师在那里展示和出售他们的作品,在那里他们也可以与他们的顾客谈天说地。


It was a great place to get the feel of Europe and creativity all those young enterpreneurs have to offer. Visitors could find a lot of beautiful things from clothing, through hats, jewelry, bags, shoes to baby clothing.


The market, which was more like a cocktail party, where people could have a chat and a drink, attracted many young locals and foreigners. Being there gave you the feeling of being in Europe for a day with many different languages floating around – Spanish, French, English, Chinese…to say the least.


In the era when most of the communication is done through social media it was very refreshing to experience this form of interpersonal relationships. This sometime forgotten basic form of networking, when you can see the person you are talking with and see their gestures and facial expressions.In the ages when we so much focus on time, it was nice to have relaxed conversation with other creative people, rather than fast exchange of messages on wechat or QQ. You could share ideas and inspirations on the art of fashion, dicuss recently read books, meet new people. No matter who you talked with everyone was eager to chat with you.


What is MaVesta ?

MTM jacket,

made to order and customized on your personal taste.

Deliver in China in one week. Deliver Worldwide in three weeks.

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