Tell us a little bit about you

I like to dress, keep updated on the new trends. In my opinion Fashion is Art, Beauty, Personality. A way of living.. accessible to everybody.

Where do you get your style?

I’m Italian and French, I suppose it affects much my existence, the way I show my self to the world, the way I dress..
Since I was a little girl, Fashion used to fascinate me, and keeps on doing it.
My mother has been my biggest source of inspiration. Together we used to browse every week Madame Figaro and Elle Italia..
I love her criticizing spirit in a constructive way. She taught me much.

What pushed you in creating a Jackets Style?

In these past years, jackets have been a mainstay in my style’s progress. By day, by night, at work, at a party, anytime, diversity had become a game a passion. Colored, manly, smoking, working girl, Korean Style, I have a big collection!

Where do you think your jackets are different?

It’s not just a simple jackets style. By request every customer can modify the details, the measures, and the length,
create by her the jacket that she has always desired and never found in the big or small shops.

Why “maVesta”?

“ma” because in French means “My/Mine”. Every jacket belongs to who imagined it in this or that way and wanted it like this.
“Vesta” is a midway between “veste” (jacket in French) and “vestire”, “to dress” in Italian.
The logo is been designed by myself and want it to look like a really easy sketches. Anyone can do it.


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